Leaving for Korea

March 22, 2008
Saturday Night

Drew & I left for JFK at 9pm for a red eye flight to Seoul. We had had time to (sort of) recover emotionally from dropping Lulu off at Drew's sister's house. As you all know, this was particularly difficult for me since I had never been away from my Lulu Bean for more than 6 hours at most.

Up until this point it had been easy to compartmentalize what needed to be done and ignore any and all anxiety. There was nothing else for me to organize or obsess about. We were on the way to the airport to go back to the country I was born in (adopted from) to pick up our new daughter. Hmm.... anyone freaking out? Strangely not me. Although I was running the full spectrum of emotions (as I am sure Drew was too) I had a strange sense of inner calm anchoring me. I knew it was right -- everything -- returning to Korea and most importantly getting Emme. We had waited what seemed like ages. We were ready!

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