Kids Craft: Dream Catcher

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My niece was having bad dreams for  several days in a row. My sister mentioned it in passing to her daughter's Preschool Teacher. To her surprise, her daughter came home with a Dream Catcher that she and her teacher made together. 

OK, let's just take a minute to applaud great teachers everywhere!
Oh and I just love that crafting came to the rescue!

Her daughter was so proud of her Dream Catcher that, knock on wood, she has had 3 nightmare free nights since bringing it home. 

When I saw how cute it was, I had to make one to show you. I of course left without taking a picture of my niece's. Lu loved her cousin's and agreed we had to make one for her room ASAP!

Supplies: Paper Plate, Scissors, Paint, Yarn, Feathers, Beads, Hole Punch
Optional: Stickers or Markers


Cut hole using plate indent as guide. Punch holes around inside edge. Paint.


While plate is drying, tie yarn to feather. Make several knots to act as a stopper for the beads. You will need 3 feather strings. Tip: roll a piece of tape around top of yarn, like an aglet on a shoelace.  This helps young kids slide the beads on.

This took awhile because we had to sort through the beads for the perfect beads. Our paint was dry by the time we were done. You may need to wait longer or overnight. Also, the thicker the paint you use the longer it takes to dry.


Randomly string your yarn through the holes. Add a few beads for extra decoration as you go. My 4 year old needed help with this step. Decorate with stickers if you want.

Punch three holes at what will be the bottom of the Dream Catcher. Tie feathers to bottom of Dream Catcher. Hang on wall or from bed post. If your child does have a bad dream have child blow the bad dream into the Dream Catcher.

I would love to read my daughters a book about Dream Catchers. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Sweet Dreams!


Philippa said...

So Cute! I know a little girl who would love one of these

Kristine said...

What a special teacher finding time for that in her day. Your's looks beautiful - very calming.

Ticia said...

What a fun idea. I need to look up and see who used dream catchers, because that would be a fun activity to add in to our state studies.

MaryAnne said...

What a great preschool teacher, and I really like this dream catcher craft!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love dream catchers! We actually have an authentic one in our bedroom. And of course the Tongginator has made one. said...

That is so cute, I love it! How amazing is the paper plate??! I'll be linking.

Little Ol' Liz said...

Great idea! We use a shortened chenile stem as a sewing needle in place of the taped end. Just a thought!

lora96 said...

I'm a teacher and this craft is perfect for next week thank you!

Anonymous said...

My kids have been wanting a dream catcher, and when I suggested this craft, they were super excited ! We're going to be making this today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I am going to do this craft with the kids at out family reunion. I just seen that this is like 2 years old but here is a suggestion if your child makes one and still has a bad dream.
We tell our son that it has gotten dusty, we dust it off and it works like a charm!

Urwiskowo said...

So cute! I love this idea !


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