St. Patrick's Day Craft: Leprechaun Sized Cup Cake


Leprechaun sized cup cake. 

Model Magic, Plastic cap from a squeeze apple sauce, Pony bead, and hot glue.

Roll a small piece of MM into a log. This is a basic technique and easy for kids to do. Show them how to not put a lot of pressure on the piece as they roll. Once you get a decent log, drop a dab of glue (I used hot glue) into the cap. Place end of log in cap and the spiral it to create cup cake top. Press pony bead into the top to create indent, add a dab of glue and then attach pony bead. Let dry.


Kristine said...

these would go lovely with the little tea-set!

whenwen said...

What a great idea! I'd love to post this on along with one of your images...Would this be ok?

Mama King said...

Thanks Whenwen! That would be great. I just ask that you credit the image and provide a link. I went to your site and could not see where to send you an email. Hope you get this.

***Sharon*** said...

I am so cup-caked out but this is ADORABLE! I don't know where you come up with some many awesome ideas!

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Hey Kim: Left the last comment on the hair incident without adding that it's Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot. Wanted to let you know I added this to Thursday's post on St. Patrick's Day.


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