To The Moon...

Lu's homework assignment this week was to design and build a 3D vehicle. Lu chose to make a rocket.

I wanted this piece to be all Lu so I had her draw what she wanted her rocket to look like. She wanted a triangle shaped body, stars, a window and flames shooting out the bottom. Which was good I had her draw it because I was thinking of a completely different shape. I constructed the body of the rocket and she was in charge of adding the thrusters, flames and decorations.

Blast off!!! 

It is difficult to tell by the photo but it is like a triangular box. I tied a bell inside the box to keep the handle in place. So it makes a cool jingle when you shake it.


MaryAnne said...

This is really cool - and how neat that it is all based off of her drawing!

Jess said...


Amy Bee said...

That sounds like just about the coolest homework assignment ever!


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