Christmas Kids Craft: Simple 3D Paper Ornaments

Paper, scissors, glue, clothes pins, glue, ribbon, sequins & glitter (optional), jingle bell (optional)

We made a simple triangle tree (using 3 panels) and a dreidel (using 4) to illustrate this project.  You can do this project with any symmetrically shaped object (bell, circular ornament, gingerbread man...) For the dreidel we used 4 cutouts. You could do a star and do as many a six cutouts for a really cool effect.

Tip: you can trace around a large cookie cutter if you don't trust your ability to free hand draw.

You will need to prep this activity for little ones. 

Cut out 3 identical triangles to make a tree. 
While holding the tree upright - fold each triangle in half corner to corner. 
This makes it easier to glue together later. Have your child decorate each triangle. 
Make sure they don't place and sequins or stiff objects in the fold. 
Let dry.

Measure out a length of ribbon longer than the ornament. allow for space at the top for hanging and the bottom for the bell (optional.)

String bell on and tie of to create a loop.

Assemble trees by gluing back half of one tree to the back half of a second tree. 
It will look a bit like a paper airplane. 
Use a clothes pin to hold in place. 
You can let dry to make it easier or throw caution to the wind and keep on gluing. 
You just may end up a little gluey.
Add a bead of glue to the spine of the tree (where the two trees meet)
Next lay the ribbon into the spine. 
Adjust so the bell hangs out the bottom of the tree.. 
Squirt glue all over the exposed halves to the backside of the third tree.
Place third tree on top of glue. 
Use one or two clothes pins to hold in place while it dries.

Have fun crafting with your elves!


MaryAnne said...

I think these are so cute! I tried to get my kids to make 3D paper stars last week, but they refused to color more than one side of the paper, to let me color the other side, and to glue the stars together. At least they know what they want!

Sippy Cup Central said...

I really like these stars...may be a good project for today! Karen

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' the simplicity of this craft! And the final project is so cute! Thanks for sharing! Just featured this! :)


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