How To Make Easy Mini Envelopes

Once your crafty 6+ year old learns how to make these mini envelopes be prepared for a lot of "just because" and "love" mail. I simplified the technique so little ones could make these without templates, flaps and glue. Perfect for Valentines Day! My 5 year old preferred me to make them while she did the decorating and writing of mini notes.

Supplies: paper,clear or paper tape and scissors

Start with a strip of paper. See picture for an easy way to get 8 envelopes out of one piece of paper.

Fold paper up approximately 1/3 up. Use your eye to make the envelope the size you want it. Fold down top flap using the edge of the bottom flap as your guide. Trim any excess paper that extends beyond folded envelope. Unfold. You will have a strip of paper folded in thirds.

Trim top 1/3 in to a point.
Tip: Pinch top of paper in half to determine where you envelope point will be.

Tape sides. Trim off excess tape along bottom. 
 I used Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape because it is white and you can write on it.

Decorate envelopes and fill with mini sentiments. A great way to use up your scraps of colored paper or scrap booking paper. 

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Ticia said...

What a great idea.


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