Homemade Chalk Paint

Corn Starch + Water + Food Coloring = FUN!

Mix together until you achieve a milk-like consistancy. If gloppy add more water.
If you are worried about the food coloring dying the kids hands use rubber gloves.
The corn starch will dry to a chalk like consistancy.

Grab some old paintbrushes (we used 1" trim brushes) and let the kids loose. This is a messy activity! Mix paint outside to avoid messes. Make sure kids are wearing old clothes and shoes. Then hose them off outside when they are done! Caution: If you have a light driveway test in a small spot. Our driveway is dark and sealed so it washes away easily.

My two little monkeys sailing off to sea in a pirate ship!

Have fun crafting with your kids! XO Mama King

1 comment:

MaryAnne said...

That picture is adorable!!!

We mix corn starch with washable paint after some staining on our concrete patio a couple summers ago =)


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