It's not the destination...

Today was our second attempt at letter boxing. Notice I said attempt! The girls are just not up to hiking long distances. Lucky for us, we met a nice woman on the path (about a half hour in) and asked her if she knew how far away the landmark we were looking for was. She informed us it was much farther. She suggested we go to the watering hole instead. Watering hole? We all perked up.

Lu said, "If Fairies really existed, this is where they would live."

Pretty much summed up how beautiful the watering hole was. We decided to name it Pixie Hollow.
Any chance my girls left dry? No way!
It was a magical morning hike. Wet bottoms and all!

Enjoy the journey! You never know what you will find on the way :-)


MaryAnne said...

What a wonderful find! We haven't tried letter boxing yet, but it's on my list for something to do when the kids are a bit older.

JayLeigh said...

That's so neat that lady told you about the watering hole! Looks and sounds like a beautiful place. I like the name you guys gave it. :D


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