Locks of Love

Happily shed 12 inches...of hair.
Too bad shedding 12 inches of hair doesn't equal shedding 12 pounds of...well, fat!

Sending it off to Locks of Love today. May be my last donation, chemically processed hair isn't accepted, and I have a sinking suspicion the grays are plotting against me.


***Sharon*** said...

WHOA!!!! That's a LOT OF HAIR (that's going to make a little person very happy!!!) What a great gift!

And BTW - you cannot afford to lose 12 pounds!!! :)

MaryAnne said...

Such gorgeous hair! I've never managed to grow mine long enough to donate, which is sad because I adore the Locks of Love program! Maybe one of my girls will have hair that grows better!

Kimommy said...

We definitely need an after photo!


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