Fancy Valentine Pencils

It is so easy to add a little ooh la la to a holiday pencil! All you need is a pack of holiday pencils, a feather boa* from the craft or party store, a glue gun and some craft gems (optional.)

*Make sure you use the fuzzier boa style not the long feather kind.

Wrap the boa around your pencil 2x loosely - cut. This will be your measurement. Before you cut the whole boa up glue down using hot glue to see if you like the look. Adjust the measurement to your liking.  I placed glue just under the metal eraser collar then took one end of the boa and held it down until secure.  Next wrap the rest of the boa bit around 2x loosely - glue end in place.

I made 14 pencils with one boa.

Optional: glue a gem on eraser. My daughter felt this made it extra fancy!

Perfect for any holiday, birthday party favor, Fancy Nancy themed party...

XOXO Mama King

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1 comment:

MaryAnne said...

I love this idea! What a cute little girl's party favor!


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