Crafting After Surgery

Usually this is my favorite crafting time of the year. Unfortunately, this year I will be scaling back on the projects and decorating as I am recovering from some pretty major surgery. Fortunately the surgery went exceedingly well and I will be in tip top shape by the new year!

I had my surgery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. By Thanksgiving Day I thought I felt well enough to tackle this ornament kit I bought off eBay. I was pretty much bedridden so why not do something productive...always the multi tasking mom (right?)

My mother had made these same ornaments when I was little. They were always my favorite and I looked forward to seeing them on the tree every year. Being the middle child I assumed that my oldest sister would end up with them since she loved them as much as I did. I did a Google search for Wizard of Oz felt ornaments and voila! Up came several eBay listings for the original kit.

OK, I don't know what I was thinking because I was in no state of mind to translate these directions or do any minute bead work. I was on some serious pain killers and well... Dorothy looks pretty messed up after my drug induced attempt to craft. I won't even show you it is too embarrassing! So moral of the story kids, don't craft while on pain killers!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Heh - was it the pain pills? Because I always think I can master anything when downing Percocet. Praying you recover quickly and relatively pain-free.

jacque4u2c said...

WOW!!! I think I would have to just look at the picture and wing it!!!

Glad to hear your surgery went well - hope each days finds you recovering quickly.

NadineC said...

Like your mom, my mom also made up these kits. I wound up with all of them (already made up, thank goodness!). I have enough to decorate a very large tree with nothing but them, including the Wizard of Oz ornaments, and many other sets. I have several of the round table covers, and wall hanging ones, too. They are very precious to me.

Haha - my "Word Verification" for this Comment is "pusses." Yup - I have the Three Little Kittens ornament set as well! (They do have their mittens.)

Hope you recover quickly and can get Dorothy straightened out :-)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Ha-Ha!! REminds me of when I had a glass of wine too many last year and decided our Chickens in our kitchen needed santa hats and beards!! Yes, crafting under the influence is never a good idea ; )

So glad you're on the mend and wishing you a speedy recovery!! Ebay is the best : )

P.S. you're sucha crafty mama, I bet you can figure it out without the directions!

xoxo MaryLea

Ticia said...

I grew up with that exact same set, and actually am in the middle of putting together one of their kits right now. My whole family has some of their stockings. I might have to search for those on E-bay.

Katie said...

I was going to shoot you an email today or give you a jingle to check up on you. Since I see the blogging has picked up again, I hope it means that you're on the mend. Glad everything went well, or as well as can be expected. Just don't stress or over tax yourself, you can be the Korean version of Martha next year:)

krisz said...

Don´t feel bad because your Dorothy not the niceset!I am even so amazed how do you have patient to do staff like that during the recovery.Warm wishes!

Crystal said...

Glad your surgery went well. Hopefully the recovery will be quick.

Cindy said...

I am so happy your surgery went well and that you will start the new year in great shape.


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