Holiday Craft: Kids Table Bead Jars

Beading craft kits are a great way to keep kiddies entertained through holiday toasts and the long break between dinner and dessert.
They also act as cute name place markers.

Customize the beads to the holiday you celebrate.
Christmas: red, green, silver, gold or white
Hanukkah: blue and white (silver)
Kwanzaa: red, black, and green

Fill jars with beads, bells, chenille stems and lanyard.

I have been saving spice jars for this purpose.
You could use a gift bag or cellophane treat bag.

Decorate your jars with stickers.
I found this glitter snowflake set last year in the bargain bin.

Thread a bell onto a long length of ribbon.
Then thread beads on to both sides of the ribbon to hold bell on place.
Tie onto lip of container.

I save Christmas cards and reuse them as gift tags.
You can use a craft punch or pinking shears to cut them out.

The lids of the jars will be decorated with the child's name and some decorative paper.


Cindy said...

Such a great idea. When everyone is together here we have 6 kiddos and this would sure keep them busy.

jacque4u2c said...

SWEET idea!!!!

Amy said...

This is a wonderful idea..

Kristine said...

That's a lovely way to entertain the kids if carvings taking a long time. I like how you made the jar decorative as well as functional!

M for Short said...

I seriously need to come live at your house b/c it just must be so much FUN. Now I know what to do with my jars of apple butter when I finish them. :)(BTW, I am the NY transplant & did reply to you, but on my blog. Thanks for looking: it's like a 'celebrity' visit!)

krisz said...

I like your idea.It is so pretty but still easy to make!It is a good gift idea!hank you!

Katie said...

Very cute Kim, can even your littlest one do this? I'm thinking it might be hard for ER still. Beading is not a favorite activity because it's so frustrating for her and I use the big wooden beads.

Michelle said...

such a great idea!!!

Zoe said...

What a fun idea and a great way to keep the kiddos entertained! I always have tons of Christmas cards that I really hate to throw away because they are soo pretty. Re-using them for tags is such a creative idea!


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