Aluminum Foil Bookmarks

Em's Mermaid & Lu's Fairy

Our first official craft project in the new home is actually an old project. Last winter we made a mermaid bookmark utilizing this same technique. Lu found her mermaid bookmark in one of the many boxes marked "miscellaneous"still left to unpack. She begged to make a new one. Feeling guilty for subjecting the girls to an afternoon of watching me unpack, I tore open a couple of craft boxes and found all the materials needed. 

Supplies: Scissors, Aluminum Foil, Contact Paper, Permanent Markers
Optional: Glitter and Tissue Paper

Have child draw picture on piece of aluminum foil. Trim design if desired. Cut 2 pieces of contact paper to size. one for the front and one for the back. Make sure there is enough room along edges to create a seal. Peel off backing of contact paper. Add glitter and tissue if desired. Place aluminum foil picture face down onto contact paper. Place a second piece of contact paper on back. Smooth and make sure edges are sealed shut. Trim if desired.

Kids can create a two sided book mark by drawing a picture on the other side. Older kids could illustrate two main characters from a favorite story, one on each side.

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Abbie said...

So good to hear from you! My son just jumped up to my lap and saw your pic and declared, "fishies!" Very cute crafting project. And glad you were able to find everything amongst the boxes! Hope you are well.


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