Turn a Plastic Berry Container into a Treasure Box

As you can probably tell from my header, Lu & Em love collecting little "treasures." Rocks, shells, beads, bits of ribbon, pine cones, leaves... I decided to recycle a plastic berry container into a cute box to store - what else but - treasures in!

With help from Lu, I made her a treasure box to hold some treasures in. She immediately placed some Tigger & Pooh band aids and bits of ribbon in the box. She even hid her treasure box and drew a map so no one else could find her treasure. (It is behind the big chair in the family room...shhh!)

Plastic Berry Container
Mod Podge & brush
Glue gun - set to the low or cool setting.

We obviously made ours really girly -- you can make yours more masculine by using different colors and forgoing the bows. A dark ribbon laced through the slits would look sharp.

We decoupaged the tissue on the top inset panel leaving the outer edge see through. Next we decoupaged the side of the container leaving the slits open. At this point Lu sprinkled glitter all over the box. After allowing to dry, we added the L monogram and placed a thin coat of Mod Podge over all the tissue as a final seal. Dry. Weave ribbon in between the slits. Adult: Hot glue ribbon to inside corners. When dry tie your bows. Have fun making it your own!


Katie said...

You weren't kidding when you said the girls love this tissue paper! What a great use to recycle and make something personalized. I love it, I'll add it along with you flower craft to our Green Crafting post.

Glad to hear the conference went well. It must have been wonderful, it would be nice if I knew a few more adoptees.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

That is so pretty! And I have one of those containers... I am sooooo doing this with my daughter! We just made our own treasure box with an empty egg carton, but I just know she would go nuts over this too.



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