Two Great Ideas from Around the Web

I see so many amazing ideas and projects blogging. Here are few that we have tried:

Bib Clip

Saw this ingenious bib clip on One Crafty Place's Blog. It came from The Treece family blog. I had to try it. It took 2 seconds to make (I used fabric glue.) I like this item for older toddler (not likely to pull it off) who still need a bib for occasional spills and drips. Just keep one in your bag.

Play Mats
Play Mat from Filth Wizardry. This project calls for a shower curtain liner, some permanent markers, a rainy day and your imagination. Already Lu has set up her little toy animals, a tiny plastic play ground set, doll house furniture, blocks and of course cars on the mat. Our biggest problem is Godzilla (aka Emme) destroying Lu's town.

Filthy Wizardry had a great suggestion for making easy roads. Tape two markers to a container the width you would like your road. We used a small box of raisins. Worked like a charm.

Another great Play Mat idea from Thrifty Craft Mama. She had a fantastic idea for smaller play mats. TCM uses a desk protector to place over drawings she has made on large pieces of paper. I laminated ours with contact paper since we did not have a desk protector. The mat I made is two sided. Great for table play. Building towers or playing with playdough.



Dawn said...

Great ideas-thanks!! I have an extra shower curtain liner in my closet-I'll have to try this.

LOL at Godzilla-when my girls are playing Little Ponies and have the whole village all set, we always say the big giant is coming when my 15 month old tries to play with them.

Beth- the mama bee said...

love the bib clip, it totally reminds me of being at the dentist :)

MaryAnne said...

Great post! That bib clip is genius, and I have the same post from Filth Wizardry bookmarked to try out someday.

I love your contact paper lamination solution for not having a desk protector, and your play mats look great!

We have Godzilla issues at our house, too ;)

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

Love to bib idea! I guess it it dentist-y but it's a great thing to keep with you and you can use it with a napkin anywhere you go for instant bib.

Katie said...

Those ARE great ideas, and I hadn't seen them before. You're lucky that yours only needs a big sometimes. Mine wears a full on bib with sleeves. In fact, I'm the one who needs the quick version you made!

BTW: I have had Korean BBQ, it's about the only Korean food I like. I know, it's weird a Korean who hates seafood too.

Tanielle said...

What awesome ideas!!! I will file them away for a day when I'm feeling a little better!:-)

amelia said...

i really love the bib clip.. :0)

Jedda said...

Fun ideas! We've been building a village with felt and wood. This would be a fun addition :)


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