Experimenting with Water Color

Lu got her first "real" lesson in using water colors. Usually I just let the girls have at it with minimal intrusion. This time I showed her a little bit of technique. How to load the brush (letting the paint suck up in the bristles versus scrubbing it all around to pick up the paint.) I showed her how to hold the brush gently. We experimented with working on wet paper and on dry. I showed her how to use scrunched up paper towel to make clouds and what happens when you sprinkle salt onto a wet painting.

A little technique goes a long way and definitely helps a child like Lu. She is someone who knows what she wants to achieve and if she can't do it she gets a bit frustrated. Afterwards she had fun experimenting on her own. This is what she created. 

Some of you may wonder why Lu's crafts are featured a lot and not Em's. Usually, Lu and I like to do crafts while Em is napping. It is a quiet time during our day perfect for some one on one attention, conversation and of course crafting (or baking.) Don't worry, Em gets craft time too. She just happens to like to do the same thing over and over...gluing down pictures of dogs. Every time I get a magazine, catalog, circular in the mail she says, "Doggie. Find doggies."


Philippa said...

we also use nap time to craft it really is great one on one time :)

MaryAnne said...

Lu sounds a lot like my Emma. I'm sure she would enjoy learning some watercolor technique, so maybe we'll try this sometime soon.

That picture of Em is darling, and it's so cute that she loves gluing down dog pictures so much!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Beautiful paintings and just like our house, craft time was always during little sister's nap until my oldest started going to school all day! Now I try to have some crafting time of my own during little one's nap but it sure is hard not to spend it all on yucky house chores like: email/laundry/dishwasher/etc.

Abbie said...

sounds like crafting and creating at our home. Mini Mister and I do lots of watercolor, acrylic, and pastel while Little Miss is napping. She gets so messy, and likes to apply color to non-paper or non-appropriate surfaces. Found orange and green crayon all over the wall yesterday...And Little Miss has the same pink blanket, and sleeps with it the same way...on top. So cute!
I just love your sponge technique. I am going to have to try this. Happy Monday!

Amy said...

that is so sweet.. I should try water colors..

M for Short said...

A. Thanks for your 'comment love' today. Some days I just feel like WHY am I writing this?? Good to know someone's out there.
B. Meant to respond with some printables links a while back. Do you follow 'one pretty thing'?
They have printables for kids (and fancy ones for us moms, too) all the time. This week's is here:

Katie said...

ER definitely went through that phase, come to think of it she might still be in another one. First all she wanted to do was paint and entire sheet of paper multicolors. When it got warm she wanted to do sidewalk chalk and water painting ALL DAY long. Then she wanted to color really hard an entire page. That's why I haven't been able to post crafts as much lately. Because she turns everything and I mean everything into one of her color filled pages.

Kristen said...

So sweet. Do you use a special type of watercolor paint?


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