Candy Ring Flower

Take one candy ring holder. 
Minus the candy. That isn't too difficult in our house! 
Snip off the plastic stem so your base is a flat as possible.

Cut out flower (I used a Sizzix Die.) 
Scrounge up a pretty button.

Glue together.

Hope you had a Happy Easter or Passover!


***Sharon*** said...

O.M.G. L.O.V.E.!!!!!

Christy Killoran said...

My daughter is going to LOVE this!

Bobbi & Noe said...

LOVE...Love...Love this

Roopa said...

I really love how all the art and craft ideas on ur blog. I came here searching for some toddler craft ideas, to keep my 26mnths DD busy(glad i landed on ur blog)


Amy said...

what a wonderful idea...

My Round Robin is this friday if you want to stop by..

Katie said...

Oh wow great idea, we don't currently have any empty rings around but I am sure we will soon. I also happen to have that flower die cut so I could make the exact same one.

***Sharon*** said...

A shout-out for the shout-out! Thanks! :)


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