Fairy Wings for Annie

Annie is Lu's Lovey. Annie is dressed up, danced with, read stories to and snuggled up to every night. Lu gets teary eyed everytime Annie gets put in the washer.  I say a silent prayer every time I reach in to the dryer to retrieve her, fearful for the day when Annie doesn't make it out in one piece. Annie after all is Lu's first love. A cat this special deserves her own set of Fairy Wings.

Supplies: 18 gauge wire, duct tape, old tights or stockings, elastic, glue, and glitter

Bend wire in half. Create flattened heart shape. Repeat.

Tape wire overlap ends together with heavy duty tape,

Measure length of elastic banding around doll/animal. Cut and knot into loop.

Cut legs of tights. I used infant tights. 
Slide wing into leg of tight.  Pull tight.
Tie tightly together. 
Place elastic loop into center of knot. Tie once more tightly.
Reshape wings.

Decorate with glue and glitter.

Let dry. Tap off excess glitter.



a Tonggu Momma said...

I love that you did this! You are such a wonderful mom... not many would think to do it, much less put forth the effort to do so.

Beach Mama said...

Wow! I think we have a few toys in need of fairy wings at our house! Thanks for the tutorial!

MaryAnne said...

These are so cute! We have a few well-loved toys that could use fairy wings in our home; thanks for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

How cute! This toy looks as well loved as my 3 year old daughter's "first love", his name is Lucky. He's a gray and white dog that she got when she was almost 3 months old from my Step Dad. Heaven forbid my twin sons get a hold of big sis's Lucky dog! It's not a pretty sight! I do wonder, if Mr. Lucky would like some wings? Will have to see what my daughter thinks of this idea! You are so very creative, I love reading your blog you give me so many wonderful ideas. I first came across your site from a magazine I think! It was for the Jelly Fish made out of fruit cups (my kids LOVED making those!) And we will be making the apples made out of clear plastic lids and tissue paper soon.

LOL I try to be really creative and come up with fun things and we do pretty good coming up with things, but I am thankful for your blog, it's given me LOTS of great ideas. I have 3 creative energetic kids and we always do some kind of activity every day. I try to post the things we do on our blog.

ourlovevan said...

So beautiful!
Beijinhos e milsorrisoscoloridos de Portugal

Kristin said...

So cute! Those turned out great! Nice work.


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