A Thanksgiving Solution or What to do with all those Silly Bandz

I am sure many of you have piles of these plastic little bands littering your house, your car and getting sucked up your vacuum cleaner. Your kiddos have probably moved on to the next craze. So what to do with all those Silly Bandz?

Recycle them of course! When we have a large family gathering usually we put colored rubber bands on the glasses to help keep track of whose drink is whose. This holiday season we will be using our stash of Silly Bandz instead.


MaryAnne said...

Brilliant! =)

Beach Mama said...

Great idea!!! I will definitely re-use them for that.

Katie said...

GREAT idea Kim! I'd never have thought to make them drink bands! We have a ton to pick from next time!

Anonymous said...

I will do that!


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