Make A Beaded Eye Glass Holder

Here is a simple craft for children ages 5+ and who enjoy beading. Kids can make a pretty beaded eye glass holder for a special Grandma or Teacher!

Supplies: Beads, Elastic String, Eye Glass Holders and Metal Stringing Tool (optional)
The eye glass holders (see FINDINGS in picture) and all the materials were found in the Beading and Jewelry Aisle of the craft store.

 I thought this was going to take Lu several weeks of short sessions. Well, Lu was done after 2 beading sessions. I guess she really enjoyed it!

*The metal stringing tool was very thin and kept bending in her hand. It took her a while to get used to it. The beads we were using were much smaller than she was used to. We normally bead with pony beads. An employee suggested the stringing tool - so I don't know if they make larger gauge ones that may be easier for smaller children to use.

We are saving this to give to someone special for Mother's Day (shhhh!)

Have fun crafting with your kids!


Sippy Cup Central said...

Good craft! Karen

MaryAnne said...

So cute! I had forgotten about beaded glasses holders, but they are a great gift for kids to make!


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