St. Patrick's Day Craft: Rainbow Favor Craft II

Here is a variation on the Rainbow Favor Cup I posted last Friday. See how I made this...

Supplies: Craft Foam, Card Stock, Glue, Cotton Balls, Small Box, Clothes Pins or Clamps

Trim Craft Foam into 1/4 inch strips.

Glue strips side by side onto a piece of card stock. Let dry. Trim. 
Glue cotton balls to both ends of the rainbow.

Trim and glue craft foam to small box. I used a large Jello box. Let dry.

Glue rainbow to box. Clamp, Let dry.

Bend rainbow, glue and clamp other side of box. Let dry.

Fill with gold coins!


MaryAnne said...

How cute! And filled with gold.coins? Yum!

jen at said...

i love this idea! and rainbows in general! thanks! said...

I love both versions. Your rainbows are so much fun! Thanks for sharing the how-tos, I'll be linking.

Kev Stevens said...

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