Kids Vacation Journal

 Lu's teacher gave Lu xeroxed pages she could use to document her vacation. Lu and I enjoyed spending some quiet time together working on her journal each day. We got to talk about what she liked best about the previous day. I encouraged her to write at least one sentence on her own, per page. I let her dictate the rest to me. 


When we got home we added pictures and some stickers to decorate her journal.  I slid the pages into plastic page protectors. Lu had fun making a wonderful keepsake of her vacation (and practiced her writing in the process!) She is so proud of her journal and wants to show it to everyone!

Thanks to Mrs. N for suggesting Lu keep a journal of her vacation!


MaryAnne said...

What a great way to remember the trip!

I love her spelling of Hawaii =)

crazysox said...

Looks great. We are leaving on an 8 day trip on Monday. I was trying to think of a way for our 5yr old to document the trip. Thanks.

M for Short said...

I love how when you are "fling to Howie" that you four are the only passengers, plus the pilot. Didn't know that you owned a private jet! ;)

Elle Belles Bows said...

What a truly wonderful keepsake!! Kerri

***Sharon*** said...

Did she have a "Kailani" page? ;)

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

This is so fantastic!!! We have a long road trip coming up, and I know Emily would love to make her own vacation journal -- and share it w/her class when we return! Very clever!! :-)


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