Easy Finger Puppets

Our friends 8 year niece initiated this craft! She brought out chenille stems, google eyes, pom poms and glue.

She showed the the kids, a 3 year old, two 4 year olds and an almost 6 year old, how to wrap the stem around their fingers and carefully remove it. The kids were left to decorate their puppets any way they wished. She had the kids working away quietly on this craft for fifteen-plus minutes. Thanks Lauren!!! My girls think you are pretty cool.

They loved this craft so much they have been asking to go to the craft store so they can get more chenille stems. I think this was a pretty successful activity! Definitely worth keeping some chenille stems on hand for this one.


MaryAnne said...

How cute! It's amazing what you can make with pipe cleaners =)

Ticia said...

We are SO going to do this!

Anonymous said...

So cute and fun. Even a great idea to entertain a kid who is sick or in the hospital. I am some friends with a croniclly ill child thanks for sharing this.


Katie said...

Kid led activities are the best, her little puppets remind me of Fuzzdoodles. Those are much larger versions of pipe cleaner like creatures you can make. A family friend of ours works for the company that makes them and we've gotten to play with them.


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