A Little Library Love

We are loving our local library this summer. They have so many great summer programs! The girls are especially excited about the Summer Reading Program. They received a passport and nylon bag when they signed up. Each week they get stamps in their passports, depending on how many days they read for 20 minutes or more, and a little prize. Both girls love reading and the library but this little incentive has made going to the library even more fun.

Another program they happily participated in raises awareness about our local farms and eating healthy. The children were required to visit six local farms and catalog a fruit or vegetable the farm offered. Our entire family has enjoyed exploring the many small farms in our town. As a reward for completing the task the girls received a canvas bag they could color. As you can see this is serious business ;)

Stay cool in this heat and check out your local library! I am sure it is not to late to join your towns summer reading programs. Happy reading, Mama King


MaryAnne said...

I love the farm program! Our reading program raises money for charity, which I think my kids will be more excited about as they get older (and understand a little more). They still enjoy writing up their lists of books, though!

huana said...

This is great! Our liberary don't have any summer program,they're even open just half of a day :-(
I love the passeport and stamps for reading!

Kimommy said...

I love that farm idea! I wonder if such a nifty program exists in these parts. Definitely something to look into. The reading incentive program sounds like a lot of fun, too.

And thanks for the link to the blog blog, btw.

Katie said...

We love our summer reading program too. I love the idea of the passport and little stamps each week. ER would be all over that! We have a weekly read to me goal and each week Brad takes her in and signs off that she met it and she gets a prize. There is usually at least one special event or performance a week that I'm sad to say we haven't taken advantage of this year like we have in the past. At the end of the summer the kids who met their goals each get a prize pack and there are also weekly drawings.


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