Summer So Far...

Here is a glimpse of our summer so far...

Pequot Museum in Ledyard, CT
The girls and I had a great time. We lucked out and went on the day they hosted a large Pow Wow.

Lu learned to ride her bike without training wheels! The kick stand is her favorite part of the bike.

We celebrated my Father-in-law's 88th and Em's (a few weeks early) 4th birthday !

Doing crafts outside (as Martha would say) is a good thing! Just hose them off when they are done.

We've got Beiber fever here. Lu only knows one song, Baby. Which is pretty catchy (said reluctantly.) We just can not go anywhere with out running into merchandise, magazines, toys, large cardboard cut outs...

First crush? Yup. She is 5 years old. We are in for it!

This week has been Kids Camp for Em and Gymnastics Camp for Lu. Of course Em's camp is in the morning and Lu's is in the afternoon. The scheduling forces were not with me.

I will leave you with this parting shot of the 5th Crazy King. Momo is the only cat I have known that does not curl up when he sleeps. He sprawls out with his legs splayed open. :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer! XO Mama King


MaryAnne said...

Sounds like a great summer! Fun pictures, too =)

***Sharon*** said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!!! Looks like you guys are having a fantastic summer! Miss you!!!


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