Craft Kit Exchange

Cutie Pies: Lulu, Sophia, Jordan, Hanna & (not pictured: Oliver & Calum)

This morning I attended a Craft Kit Exchange play group. Each mom brought five copies of one or more craft projects. Basic items like glue, paint, scissors... were not included in the kits. Each mom explained their project and then passed them out. Each mom left with five or more projects to use on the next rainy day or sick day. The projects ranged from collage to mobile to beading to material to build your own bird feeder.

I love this idea. How many times have you wanted to do something with your child but couldn't think of something to do or didn't have the materials or time to prep the project. My friend, Maryam, suggested we do a BIG exchange next fall before the long winter. Genius!

Thanks to Maryam who thought of this idea, organized it and hosted a great morning!

Maryam's Project
Memory Matching Game
Adult glues shapes down. Child then matches shapes and glues them down. Child or adult cuts out squares. Turn over and play matching game.

Maryam's Project
Rainbow Color Collage
Glue color squares into rainbow (see top picture of finished project in background of group shot.)

Maryam's Project
Color & Collage onto Coloring Page
Kit included coloring pages, stickers & foam shapes

Linnea's Project
Tennis Ball Canister Bird Feeder
Build bird feeder and then watch for birds. Use a bird book to identify birds in your backyard.

Linda's Project
Collage Mobile
Contact paper, tissue paper, ribbon, photos, feathers... Sandwich between contact paper. Her example showed 3 collaged shapes hung together with yarn. She suggested cutting the contact paper to manageable sizes to work with. After child is done you can trim to desired shape.

Jennifer's Project
I Have A Dream Mobile
Child draws picture of a dream of theirs and then decorates mobile with stars and bells. Hang with yarn.

Mama King's Project
Friendship Bracelets & 3 Hanging Heart Pipe Cleaner Project (see blog archive)


Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea for a playdate!!! Please share what the five crafts were (yours and the four other mom's). LOOOve this idea!

Mama King said...

Hello Mommy Window, I will post the projects as soon as I have time to photograph them! My little one is due for a nap soon...

Anonymous said...

great crafts, thanks for the pictures. I tried to explain the playdate to a few friends and they didn't get it... I guess I'm not that great at explaining, how did your friend organize it?

Mama King said...

She sent out an email to our playgroup asking each mom to come up with one craft idea, gather the materials for that craft and place into "kits" or lunch bags. The week before the playdate she let us know how many "kits" to make. Let me know if this helps. I have to run right now. I checked out your blog by the's great! Love that your crazy too!

Anonymous said...

ok I have it on my calendar for nexts months playdate with my girlfriends. I hope it turns out as cool as yours did. Did your kids just play during the playdate or did the host (that will be me)have a separate craft planned for that day?

Also thanks for the blog love. :)

Mama King said...

Good morning! Our kids just played, did puzzles at the table & had snacks. It would have been a good idea to have a craft available for the kids to do if they wanted. Let me know how your Craft Kit Play Date works out! I can't wait to see what craft ideas you and your friends come up with!

Katie said...

This is a FAB idea, it also saves on cost since a lot of time supply packages have too much for just the one project you might do at home with your own kid. Love this and wish I had some crafty mamas around here to do this with. May have to try harder to recruit nearby mommies!

Suehaad said...

I absolutely love this idea. Thanks. I am putting together your "Egg Sun Catcher" for a play date at my house tomorrow. Fun stuff!


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