Tennis Ball Canister Bird Feeder

So much for a rainy day...
Lulu saw the bird feeder craft at the Craft Kit Exchange Play Group and well... If you have any experience with 3 year olds you'll understand. She just had to do it and asked and asked to do it. it is!

There wasn't much building involved. Linnea did all the work, drilling the holes (you can also use a hot glue gun to make the holes) and cutting the dowels (some stores sell them cut into shorter lengths.) She even provided us with bird food. Thanks Nene (my daughter's nickname for her.)

Lulu was thrilled with it and watches at the window to see if any birds have discovered it yet.

**Craft Kit Ideas do not need to be original! Some moms were worried they had to come up with some original project. Linnea got this idea from the local Nature Preserve Kids Program and Jennifer got her Dream Mobile idea from the local library Story & A Craft Program. Also, the internet (ahem...4crazykings!) is a great resource. Swapping Craft Kits is about making it easier on the Mamas.


dongdong said...

Just wonderful. I found you through The Crafty Crow. Thanks for sharing.

Mama King said...

Thanks Dong Dong. I just stopped by your blog. I am very interested in reading about your experiences and the Enki method -- of course when I get a bit of time.

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to host a Craft Kit Exchange Play Group at my house but can't quite explain to my friends what to do. Do you have an email you sent out as an invitation to yours? If so would you please be so kind to email it to me. Thanks a million! I love so many of your ideas. :) jajmcarter @ verizon dot net

Helby said...

This is great! I've taken up playing tennis again and I'm wondering what to do with my old canisters besides throw them away. This is perfect. Thanks!

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