Novice Sewing: Adorable Free Patterns

Here are two simple projects for the novice seamstress out there.

The Ribbon Trimmed Skirt was very easy and I completed it while watching TV at night. The original pattern and tutorial at Oliver and S does not show it drop waisted. I followed mmmcraft's example. Considering I only had a photo to go by I am very happy with how the drop waist came out. OK, truth be told it came out a little puckered in spots and a bit too long in length but I'm trying not to get too fixated on that! I'm just telling myself not bad for a first attempt. I am going to do it again for my younger daughter and a family friend's daughter, Avari. I figure by the time I get to my friends daughter's skirt I will worked out all the kinks. The cool thing about this skirt is the hem is finished with a ribbon. It sounds difficult but made hemming the skirt very easy and it looks very professional.

Snow Bunny Pattern: I hand sewed these two bunnies for my girls. I tried two different techniques for sewing it. I like the cleaner edge better. I sewed the pink one outsides facing in. I left an opening for turning the bunny inside out, stuffed it and sewed the opening closed. The pattern and instructions are free on Q.D Patooties blog. Again this was very easy and it keeps my hands busy while I watch TV at night (read: stops me from snacking!)

My next project after the 2 skirts will be a kids art folio (holds a pad & pencils/crayons.) I have seen several tutorials on the web so if you've done one that you liked let me know.


Katie said...

So did you like the pink or white version better? I've seen those before on her site and liked them. I should make one! Cause right now the hand is deep down the Dorito bag! Gonna regain all my weight lost!

Mama King said...

:-) Tell me about it! It is a daily battle!

I think I liked the pink one better although I should have stuffed it better...came out a little flat. I made a big one (aprox 10") at the request of my older daughter. Much easier to turn inside out.

Larissa Holland said...

Hey, there, your skirt came out so cute! They are addictive, aren't they?
I'm all about keeping my hands busy and out of the nuts/popcorn/chocolate trap. Wish I could follow that up by actually doing it. :-)

Katie said...

I have so much trouble with turning inside out I was hoping you'd say you liked the white one better! Should have known.

Have you made softies before? I've made a couple of attempts and I find knowing how much stuffing is enough it tough.

Also wanted to say that I really like your idea for sending a craft care package through the mail. I love the handmade stickers. Very cute idea I think I know someone in Canada I'm going to have to do this for.

Anonymous said...

I love those little bunnys they are too cute!

Jess said...

Oh very exciting! I am new to sewing, but have fallen madly in love with it. Only done 2-3 projects so far, but these might be next on my list. Thanks a million.

Ps - we use left over art work to make cards. Ive done a recent post on it.

Thanks again.


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