March 26th, Gotcha Day!

This year has been filled with laughter, tears, drama, tenderness, quiet happiness and laugh out loud joy! Our family has been profoundly changed by a little chun-sa (angel) named Emme. Emme's spirit fills a room. Her smile is sheer sunshine. She is sassy, adventurous, outgoing, curious, smart and playful. Her will and determination will serve her well as an adult and test her parents in the mean time! We will never be as we were and we wouldn't change that for the world. It is hard to even remember what life was like without our two little princesses. Each girl is a true gift, unique in her own way and has added so much love, life and joy to our lives. My husband's and my patience and sanity are continually tested but all we can do is at the end of the day put our exhausted arms around each other and laugh wistfully knowing some day we will miss this time in our lives. We truly feel blessed and thank God every day for both our angels.

I love this picture not only because the calender in the top left corner captures the date of Emme's Fly Day / Gotcha Day but I LOVE the sign for the The Internal Organs Thang! We were not brave enough to order that for lunch...seeing as how we were about to board an airplane for a 13 hour flight!

The crazy Kings (minus one) at the airport in Seoul. Our family is now complete!
You never would have guessed that this little angel and her cohort SP (the other little girl who traveled back to the States with her new family) were panicking the passengers in our section with their non stop crying. One would start crying and the other would follow. Luckily that only lasted for the first hour or so (I blocked the exact details of this out of my memory) of our 13 hour flight! Finally both girls settled in and Emme fell asleep in the little bassinet attached to the bulk head. I couldn't sleep and kept opening my eyes to check on her. She slept the rest of the flight home. We had to wake her to land. Needless to say when we arrived at midnight back in the states she didn't want to sleep.

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