Crayola Factory: Easton , PA

Saturday we took a day trip to the Crayola Factory (the last of the Gotcha Day activities.) Both girls had a great time! Although Emme was on the young side. If your children are 2+ years they will certainly get a lot more out of the experience. Emme still had fun running around, coloring, doing a craft, putting balls into a giant ball drop machine, dancing in front of the color motion screen, drawing on the walls, drawing on the ground with sidewalk chalk! Lulu enjoyed all those activities plus a printmaking craft, painting with hot wax, watching crayons being made, making a stop motion animation movie, looking at herself in the fun house mirrors and using her tokens to get markers, crayons and Model Magic. We felt it was well worth the admission fee and loved how hands on it was. It was one of those places the girls could have spent forever playing in one area. There wasn't really the pressure of trying to "get through." Take your time and enjoy each station. We did! So if your within driving distance to Easton, PA be sure to add that to your list of day trip ideas.

Motion Color Wall: Very funky and the kids loved seeing themselves up on a big screen.

Printmaking Station: Lulu brought her print to the grocery store today! Why? We don't ask. Sidewalk Chalk Area: The girls ran around, laughing and drawing.

Coloring on the Walls! They loved did a lot of the adults we saw coloring along side their kids!


grammy said...

What a great day! I love doing short hops with my grands. One is with her dad this week, but my daughter and I want to take them all to the Indy zoo again soon. They love it.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

I've taken Emily to the Crayola factory, and it is soooo much fun! We'll have to go again sometime soon.


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