Sending Snail Mail

Crafty Care Packages: Today we decided to send some of our little friends some good old fashioned snail mail. No one loves getting mail more than a small child. Both girls go crazy when they get a card and a few stickers from their Grand Parents. So I thought what a great little surprise to receive in the mail an envelope full of crafty activities. I printed out some free activities from the web and attached a little note listing the resources so their Mamas could know where to find more paper "gems." Lulu was so excited by the printables she could only help me put them in envelopes and seal them before she had to start gluing "gems" onto her own crown. Meanwhile Emme created beautiful stickers to decorate the envelopes with. So...McKayla, Avari, Sophia, Hanah, Ava and Oliver watch your mailboxes!

Free Printable Sources:
The Toymaker
Print Picnic
Activity Village

Make your own stickers: Blank printer labels, markers, stamps, crayons... Go to town! At one point Emme was drawing and stamping at the same time! Then I folded down the edge of the label sheet so the sticker ends were exposed and easily removed from the sheet. This is an activity that would appeal to all ages. Older kids could design their own return address labels or letter seals.
Removing stickers from a sheet and placing it onto paper is excellent for small children's developing fine motor they love it!

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