Creative Collage

This project started rather organically. I was mindlessly curling and folding some colored paper strips when Lulu started to gather up and examine the little bits that I made. I asked her if she wanted to glue them down and she said yes immediately. After she had been gluing for awhile she started to rip off several of the pieces she had glued down. I asked her what she was doing (what she had glued down so far had been really cool looking.) She said she had an idea and asked for more blue pieces... describing what they should look like.

The final product: Water Park for Counting Bear
The pink zig zag is the slide. The orange zig zag is a bridge. The blue bits are fountains.

Pretty cool the mind of a (almost) 4 year old! Have fun crafting with your kids!


Elise said...

That looks like a super fun water park.

Stephanie said...

I love love love this project!
Maddie would love it, too!
Maybe today....

Amy said...

That is so creative. Don't you just love what the mind of a child can create? I gave you a blog award over on my site, if you wish to claim it. You always inspire me to get more artistic with my kids.

Nadia said...

that is so creative(and i swear i did say that in my mind before i read the above posters comments lol)

it really does look like a water park.. not just an 'imagination' water park

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Wow! She comes up with the coolest ideas!


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