Letter Exchange: Shamefully Behind! Sorry!

The final installment of the Letter Exchange. At the start of the summer Lu decided she wanted to get mail. I told her in order to get mail she had to send some... And boy did we get some!! We never imagined the amount of creativity and thought that went into the letters sent to Lu. Lu received pictures, postcards, drawings, paintings, sea shells, stickers, coloring pages... We were overwhelmed!

What an amazing experience this has been. Lu not only learned the names and locations of different states and countries, she learned that kids in California and kids in Switzerland like the same things she does. She learned that some places in the world are very warm all year round. Some kids live by the ocean and some live by mountains. Some kids have koalas in their yard while others have deer. She learned that each place on the the world has something special to see and do. She learned that she wants to learn more of the world and some day see it all for herself! So THANK YOU to all the families who participated in this project! Lulu has been thrilled beyond words! We feel very fortunate to have learned about the different pieces of your homes that you shared with us.

Here are some of the letters we received. I apologize for being so delinquent in sharing them with you.

California! B lives near the beach and sent a picture of the Grand Canyon and a map of California. The map was full of great information and facts.Although Lu was more interested in learning about the Grand Canyon and why it looked the way it does.

Australia: Montessori Mum's daughter sent a lovely letter with a beautiful string art painting and a cute book about Koalas. T gets to see Magpies and she has a Koala that eats gum leaves in her garden!! Strangely enough T and Lulu also really like broccoli. T's mum also passed on a banana berry muffin recipe that sounds yummy. I think I want to also get her lamb soup recipe that she mentioned in the letter.

Kentucky: Look at these two cuties! I love C's drawing - so expressive! Lu thought C's brother was funny. She was excited to hear that C like bubbles too!

California: A sent Lu a Tinkerbell notebook which immediately cause her to hug it close and dance around. I think it is so funny when Lu finds out another child likes ...oh say Tinkerbell or Cinderella she is AMAZED. She gets so excited and exclaims I like Tinkerbell TOO!!!!!

Australia: This letter confirmed Lu's love for Australia. How lucky the J brothers are to live in a place that has so many cool animals. Ring tailed possums, kangaroos, wombats (had to look that one up), koalas, kookaburras....

Sharon from Mama's A Mess overwhelmed us with her generous "letter." It was brimming with amazing items (gorgeous bookmark, cute book, stuffed animal, hair clip, lei, snacks, brochures, a sparkly postcard...) There was a chorus of oohs and aahs coming from all of the King girls.

Lulu has been wearing the beautiful flower hair clips almost daily. Every time she gets a compliment she has to announce they are from Hawaii. See the cute dolphin - Lulu named him ocean and sleeps with him every night.

Sharon knew we love our seaweed here and sent us 2 yummy seaweed snacks. The Hurricane Popcorn is my new addiction and I have made it on my own using Nori Komi Furikake Seasoning (seaweed, sesame seeds, suger, salt) which I can get at the Asian Market. Yum! The nori sheets with animal cut outs just thrilled both girls and were quickly gobbled up. I have to get more so I can put them in Lu's lunch.

Sharon also included Hawaii travel brochures which are fueling my daydreams! Thank you so much Kailani & Momo (Sharon's 2 beautiful daughters!)

Georgia: M and B are two crafty and beautiful girls! What a fun package they sent - chock full of art and cards. The girls even got their own Sesame Street book. M and B's mama is a smart mama and must know with two girls it is hard to expect them to share!! Both girls love their books! The girls mama also shared some great ideas about traveling with little ones...which I immediately used the Sticker Safari one! The girls mama got the idea from Family Fun. Hide stickers in an old kids magazine and ask them to flip through the magazine to find them.

Thank you again to all the kids and mamas that participated! You all ROCK!!!

FYI: Sharon over at Mama's A Mess is hosting a 50 State (Plus International) Postcard Exchange. If you are interested click here.

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Amy said...

I bet your children understand this world much better with all of those letters you all got. I was an exchange student when I was 15 and went to Australia. It was so green and pretty. I do love the wombats also.


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