Sequins & Felt Flower Headband

Monday was the first day of preschool 4. I made Lu a new headband to go with her outfit.

I cut out felt flowers, stacked a few on top of each other, sewed on sequins using seed beads to hold the sequin in place, sewed the flowers onto an old headband.

A fast and cute way to dress up an outfit. If sequins aren't your thing you can use a button as the flower's center. Lu just loves all things glittery and sparkly :-)

Sewing on the sequins is simple:
Push the needle through the felt
Add a sequin to the needle
Add a bead on top of sequin
Draw needle and thread all the way through
pushing sequin and bead flush to felt
Take needle and go back through sequin hole
Bead will hold sequin in place

A happy customer!


Imene said...

I love this. So cute, what kind of felt did you use?

Katie said...

Oh I love it, wanna make and send us one? Just kidding, I have been to lazy to take out the die cut machine lately so I have no excuse! Love the sequins, I think I'll have to finally get off my keester and make ER some new hair things. I was on a roll making some to match each season's worth of outfits but kinda got out of it. Now she's finally interested again in that kind of thing.

How often is Lu going to preschool? Did her day go well?

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How pretty! Emily would love this, and I have everything I need to make one already on-hand. Perfect!

Beth- the mama bee said...

cute- Bee is a hair accessorie loven gal, I think we'll be making one of those today!

***Sharon*** said...

WOW! I've seen similar ones on Etsy and just go ga-ga over them. Never stopped to think how easy they would be to make! They are SO CUTE!!!


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