Technical Difficulties

Hello! I am sorry I have been MIA for several days now. My computer up and died on me last week. All is fixed now. I just got my "baby" home tonight. I have some great posts lined up. It helps being unplugged for a while. Thanks for your patience. Mama King


***Sharon*** said...

Looking forward to you posting regularly again! Glad you enjoyed the techie break - I would've gone insane! :)

Christa said...

I had wondered what happened to you! :)

Beth- the mama bee said...

We were starting to get a little worried :) Glad you're back.

Katie said...

Whoopsie, I guess I didn't scroll down far enough to see this one. Glad the computer is all fine and dandy. Were you able to recover your pictures?

Smiled to read about your other curly haired friend. Maybe we were seperated at birth cause so far she's the only other one I've ever heard of!


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