Sugar Cookie Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

I just fell in love with the cutest apron, head scarf, doll set. Check out the Sugar Cookie Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!. Lulu has been wearing my aprons...which look adorable wrapped around her hanging to her0 feet. I think it is time I got her her own since this Christmas we have started baking more. I have gotten better at substituting milk, butter & eggs in recipes (Lulu is allergic to milk & eggs.) We made gingerbread and sugar cookies so far.
Today it snowed and snowed. The excitement in both girls was palpable and audible! Christmas is 6 days away and the girls (esp. Lulu) are giddy with anticipation. We're off to see the tree at Rockefeller Plaza tomorrow. If it ever stops snowing (said the jaded adult.)

The Christmas Concert was a success. Our little girl started off unsure of the situation and then boom! She was so animated and loving every minute of it! She really was a Star!

Time is flying by...

As you can plainly witness...I am a terrible blogger. I started this blog for my daughters and so with renewed fervor I will make another attempt at capturing their childhood. Lulu (3) has her first Christmas Concert tonight. We are very excited for this monumental event and are almost positive she will reluctantly go to the stage to sing. When the first kid makes a break for it Lulu will in turn start shouting for me at the top of her lungs right smack in the middle of Away in the Manger. Hopefully this will be all captured on video for posterity.

The real reason I find myself down in my nightmare of an office (it is an explosion of Christmas presents, papers, toys, boxes and anything else that doesn't have a home in our house) is our because our little Emme was so sweet and adorable when she woke from her nap I just was in awe of her. I remembered back to Lulu at that age and well...the wheels started turning...I felt that desperate urgency to capture my girls at this exact moment in time. Aside from stuffing them in a time capsule I thought I'd quickly jot down how amazing and funny they are. Right now both girls are vying for a spot on my lap...until next time!


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