Halloween Through the Years

Halloween through the years.
Inspired by Katie's post, Ghosts of Halloween Past.

Lu was only 5 weeks old on her first Halloween. I made the turtle shell out of felt. I velcroed the turtle shell to my baby carrier and took her to my sister's annual Halloween party.
Judging by her expression I don't think Lu approved of the costume.

Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. My Mom helped me make this since I had never used a sewing machine before. My Mom made all our costumes growing up so I wanted to carry on the tradition. I glued red glitter onto her Mary Janes.

I saw this adorable costume at Children's Place and couldn't resist it. So much for carrying on the home made costume tradition! Em refused to wear this costume this year. :-(

Back on the homemade train. I really surprised and impressed myself with this one. It is even lined inside! Holy Sewing Batman! I think I will frame this one. And you can see how much Lu loved it! It ended up costing a whole lot of money for the fabric - much more than the gazillion Cinderella dresses we saw everywhere! Rethinking making homemade costumes...

Em's first Halloween with us! Her cheeks were (are) so cute I called my sister and asked if we could borrow her daughter's pumpkin costume for my little pumpkin. I mean really. How cute is she?

Lu saw the pink hair and was sold.
I think she may be off the homemade costume train for good.

Em knew she did not want to be a butterfly and was insistent she was going to be a Kitty Cat. Easy enough. We went old school! Bought the ears and tail. Hot glue gunned the fur around the bottom of tail and ears to jazz them up. Sewed the boa around the wrists and neckline. I love this costume because it is so timeless and she loves it so much. We went trick or treating at my hubby's office yesterday and Em had to tell everyone she was a "titty tat" followed by a hearty meow meow!

Happy Halloween!

FYI: I painted a bat shape on the black pumpkin with glue and added a ton of glitter. Let it dry and then gave Lu a big paintbrush and showed her how to gently brush the excess glitter off.

Adoption Carnival III: Photos of Adoption

Adoption Carnival III: Photos of Adoption
What is your most treasured adoption photo?
Read more or link up at Grown In My Heart.

There are so many favorite pictures of Em, from the very first ones that we saw of her to the photo of me holding her for the first time. But I think the one that sums up all the emotions, love, anticipation, anxiety, and hope I felt at that time is this picture of Em asleep in the bassinet that was attached to the bulk head of the airplane. As many of you know that the flight from Korea to NY is thirteen plus hours. Em was awake for three of those hours and crying on and off for the first hour. Luckily for us sleep is something Em loves. She is like clock work, 12 - 13 hours at night, three hours during the day! She slept about 10 hours on the flight home. I of course could not and did not sleep a wink that flight. I just kept peeking at Em's angelic face. I could not take my eyes off of her. My mind was racing with questions and imagined scenarios... As hard as I tried I could not sleep. We arrived home around one in the morning and guess who was well rested and ready to party like it was 1999?

My other favorite picture of Em is of her first bath.
Mind you it was at 4 am in the morning, her first night home, after a HUGE blowout!
You mamas know what I mean!
I think her way of letting us know she was happy to be home. Don't you?
Welcome home!

Halloween Preschool Parade

The rain couldn't dampen Lu's Halloween parade. They paraded inside instead and even sang a few impromptu Halloween songs in the church sanctuary. Lu was perfectly pink as Strawberry Shortcake!

Painted Pumpkins

Lu's pumpkin ended up all black - after she freaked out her bat wasn't coming out right. So I painted the bat and spider on an extra pumpkin for her to decorate. She glued googly eyes on then went to town with the glitter glue. I have plans for the black pumpkin...stay tuned.

Solving Sewing Problems

McCall Pattern's were on sale 99 cents at Joann's Fabric last week. I picked up the two easiest patterns possible. Here is the first dress. I will hopefully have time to do the next dress sometime this week.

I followed the pattern size 4 but found the dress to be very shapeless and ill fitting especially on top. Solution: I added the ribbons on top to solve the gaping neckline and the tulle on the bottom to dress it up a bit. Simple to do and makes the dress a little extra special.

A very happy customer!

Pumpkin Picking

We finally made it to the farm for pumpkin picking. At long last, both girls were healthy (I on the other hand was not but you know how that goes... no rest for the weary mama!) The weather was absolutely beautiful. I just had to take advantage of all the stars lining up so I picked Lu up from preschool and high tailed it to a local farm to quick pick up some pumpkins and feed the animals before Em's nap time. If the weather is nice this weekend we will do a real outing to the big farm with the corn maze...

This farm has the sweetest alpacas! :-)

We Made It Friday Showcase

Today is We Made It Friday Showcase over at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. (One of my favorite blog names besides Mama's A Mess.) Link up or check out some great new blogs. I linked up my Easy Printmaking activity.

Halloween Craft Witches Hats Update

16 little witches and wizards now have hats!
Fun was had by all in Lu's preschool class yesterday.
The letter was Hh, it was crazy hat day for show & tell and everyone got to make a
alloween Hat!

Kids Craft: Easy Printmaking

Flower Print: Tempera Paint on Paper

Create easy prints using cookie cutters and styrofoam trays (meats or vegetables are often packed in them.) I believe you can even ask your butcher for a couple of clean ones - just be extra sweet! They are also available at some craft stores. If you are using trays that held meat or poultry use common sense and thoroughly clean them.

Press cookie cutter into styrofoam firmly. If working with young children you may need to do this or help them. Don't push so hard you cut through styrofoam! You only need an indent. Roll on or brush on paint evenly and not too thickly. Place a piece of paper on top and rub gently with your hands. Smoothing from center outward. Lift corner take a peak, if it looks good pull off paper to reveal your print.

Styrofoam sheets after print has been pulled.

You can rinse off and add different colors and make as many prints as you'd like. Cut out dried prints and glue to front of a card or frame. You can also have child paint on top of dried print - adding in details.

Butterfly Print: Gold & Red Tempera Paint on Paper

Thanksgiving Craft: Turkey Hand Print Card

I know it is early! I can't help it...the leaves just begged to become turkey feathers.
It is pretty self explanatory so no instructions.
Have fun crafting with your kids.

Gautemalan Kite for All Saints Day

The tiny town of Santiago Sacatepequez in Guatemala is famous for its annual gigantic kites festival on el Dia de Todos los Santos, Day of the Dead or All Saints’ Day. The gigantic kites, barriletes gigantes, were originally flown as a way to remember and connect to ancestors.

"Up to 40 feet across in diameter, these circular kites are made of hand cut pieces of colored tissue paper, arranged and glued to “construct” a story. Each kite is composed of thousands of tissue papers and gallons of white glue, costing around four hundred dollars to construct." Drachen

I have designed a simplified and smaller version of this craft. The kite is not meant to be flown it is purely decorative. This craft is recommended for middle school aged children on up.

10" or larger wooden embroidery hoop.
2 bamboo cooking skewers (optional)
Colorful Tissue Paper
Mod Podge (or slightly watered down glue)
Foam Brush
Crepe Paper Streamers
Drill (if you opt to use the skewers)
Sand Paper

The bamboo skewers are optional and are purely in keeping with the aesthetic of the original. Although I did find that they came in handy while gluing, they provided something to hold on to. If using drill 4 small holes equidistant apart, so that when assembled your skewers form a cross or X. To trim skewers I just used scissors and then sharpened the blunt end with a pencil sharpener. Sand little bit that pokes out flush to hoop.

Trace a tissue paper circle larger than your hoop. I used a 12" dinner plate.
Paint on glue to the top edge of hoop and sides.

Place circle on top of hoop. Using foam brush smooth down the sides adding more glue on top.
Cut out your shapes/design elements.

Glue onto kite using the classic decoupage method. Thin layer of glue, lay tissue down, coat with top thin layer of glue. The key to this method is that the more layers of tissue and glue the stronger your kite will be.
When working with tissue always be gentle with your brush strokes. Let dry and then go back and glue some more if it looks like it might rip.

Cut crepe paper streamers to desired length. I cut mine in half length wise to make them thinner. Glue to underside of hoop.

Let dry. For more detailed (read, complicated) and authentic kite instructions click here.

Here is a way to do a similar activity with toddlers or special needs children.

White Paper Plate
Tissue Paper
Mod Podge or Glue
Foam Brush
Crepe Paper Streamers
  1. Cut tissue paper into geometric shapes.
  2. Glue tissue to plate by using foam brush.
  3. Cut streamers to desired length. You can cut them in half length wise to make them thinner.
  4. Attach with glue or tape to underside of plate

Thanksgiving Craft: Mixed Media Turkey Hand Print Card

Oops this was suppose to run tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for this post.

Halloween Craft: Model Magic Spider & Bat

Spider: Black Model Magic, Googly Eyes, 2 chenille Stems cut into 8 pieces

Bat: Black Model Magic, Googly Eyes, Bamboo Skewer

Even the youngest kiddos can make cute creations with Model Magic! We love Model Magic (MM) here at the Crazy King house. MM is great for kids who are looking for a lot of tactile input (my Em.) Working with clay, play dough or MM helps kids with their pre-writing development (the squeezing and squishing is good for their hand strength.) The great thing about MM is that it is light weight (modeling clay is a little hard for young kids to work with), it dries nicely, it comes in a rainbow of colors and you can paint or glue stuff to it.

I was not paid or given any products for this endorsement. I just honestly love the stuff.

Plus, while they were playing with the MM I got to complete assembling Lu's Class Halloween favors. A like to give the kids a little something they can bring home. I do it mainly so that Lu can have something fun since she has so many allergies and can't eat a lot of the treats at Holidays.

It isn't much, just a make your own sticker Halloween scene kit & lollipop. Both from Oriental Trading. Tied with a bow and a Halloween sticker that I used as a hang tag (Target $1 zone.) I wrote "Love Lu" on the bottom of the sticker.

Halloween Craft: Spooky Sun Catcher

I got this idea while working on a project for Grown In My Heart (where I contribute.) It will post next week.

It is easier than it looks. I recommend this project for Middle School Age children and younger children who can use delicate/gentle strokes when painting on the tissue.

The image can be changed to create a pumpkin face or even an abstract creation. Same technique can be used for a Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas scene.

Embroidery Hoop / any size
Tissue Paper
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Wax Paper
Ribbon (Optional)

Work on Wax Paper so it is easier to lift project off if it is a bit sticky.

Trace a circle larger than your inner embroidery hoop. I used a dinner plate.

Cut out circle. Apply glue to top of hoop and sides including inside of hoop.
Using foam brush tamp down tissue paper.
Let Dry.

Meanwhile cut out your pieces. Any design or words would work well.

Mod Podge design on top of hoop.
Let Dry.
Mod Podge underside paper to get translucent look and will make piece stronger when dry.

If working with younger children, I recommend Mod Podging front (let dry) and back before applying design. This will provide a stronger base for smaller children to work with. It is surprisingly strong once Mod Podged.

Optional: Add ribbon to outside edge.

Another variation:I made a miniature one by using the plastic circle that was the safety seal on my mayo jar. See below.

I think this one came out so cute!

Happy Halloween!!


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