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Halloween: Girly & Spooky

I love making hair bows for my girls, especially for all the holidays. There are hundreds of bow tutorials out there in the blog world. It really is easy!  Find some cute ribbon (Halloween ribbon is on sale now!) and go to town.  I had extra plastic spiders left over from some goody bags I made for our neighborhood pumpkin carving party.

So cute! Spooky and girly...

Lu wasn't completely sold on the spider. I had to explain to her Halloween is suppose to be spooky. Luckily little sister is fearless and convinced her it was OK.

Love that jelly face!

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Halloween Costume: Mission Flamingo

This year my eldest daughter saw a flamingo costume in the Chasing Fireflies Halloween catalog. In case you can't see in the picture, they want $78.00 plus $22.00 for the headpiece! Not to mention the accessories. Someone please tell me who spends almost $100 on their child's Halloween costume? They certainly are not trick or treating in my neighborhood! Aside from the cost, I wasn't too sure I wanted want my daughter looking like a Vegas Showgirl. Scroll down to see part 1 of my homemade costume.

So began, Mission Flamingo... Cue the music! Could this crafty mama make a flamingo costume just as good as the magazines, minus the Showgirl vibe? After much thought and several overly elaborate ideas I settled on the simplest solution.  Here is part one:

I bought a 79 cent mask and a bag of pink feathers from Michael's. I had the glue gun, sparkly adhesive foam and gems in my craft stash. I enlarged the eye holes to fit my daughter's proportions and then started gluing.

Lu squealed with delight! Definitely sparkly and fancy enough for her.

Back of mask.

Easy but a bit messy. I have to go clean up...

Are you making your kids Halloween costumes this year?

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Halloween Party Activity

Next week our neighborhood will have a little pumpkin carving party for our little gobblins. To add some fun to the event we will be playing some Halloween games, like the toilet paper mummy wrap race. Kids will also have the chance to win the this (see picture) if they can guess how many chocolate eyeballs are in the vase.

I could only scrounge up a vase. To prevent "losing" any eyeballs I took the netting from the bag o' spiders and tied it on with some ribbon. I think it added a nice spooky touch.

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Simple Fall Inspired Crafts

If you are anything like me, you often find yourself telling yourself, "I could totally make that!" Yet, most of the time you never quite get around to making said item.  Well, these projects pictured above, I found on a recent shopping trip, are too simple not to make! Don't you just love the matted seedpods? So simple and elegant.

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FamilyFun Kids: New Publication from FamilyFun

Disney FamilyFun Magazine is launching a new publication this fall, for kids ages 6 to 12!

It is aptly titled, Disney FamilyFun Kids. It will be an ad-free (love that!), creative, positive, can-do magazine packed with a mix of original material and the best ideas from FamilyFun, newly adapted for kids: easy crafts and snacks kids can make on their own, think-outside-the-box puzzles and challenges, awesome games, art pages, and more.

I had an opportunity to take a sneak peek at a few pages from the first issue! I have to admit, I knew I was going to be a fan even before I laid eyes on the issue. It is after all the offspring of one of my favorite magazines.  Fortunately, I wasn't disappointed. I knew instantly, this was a magazine my six year old would snatch from the mail pile and pour over, followed by lots of experimenting, creating, coloring, and cutting-up. Six issues may not be enough! I predict young fans will demand more issues. From a parent's point of view you will appreciate the care the Editors took in presenting a kid-friendly product, with lots of vibrant photos and clear instructions, that promotes independence, creativity and a lot of fun. I know I can't wait until it hits newsstands!

Win a years subscription (6 issues) to Family Fun Kids!

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BONUS! Win this cool t-shirt.

FamilyFun Kids is looking for submissions from YOU for two fun sections of the magazine.
 1. Have kids take a picture of their pet (or another animal) and write a funny caption to go with it.

 2. Challenge kids to make something weird out of chewing gum and googly eyes and send us a picture.

3. Have kids take photos of any other really cool projects they've done, such as crafts, games, recipes, artwork, and more ‹and briefly explain what the project is, how it was made, and what makes it so cool!)

Parents should email their kids ideas/photos to Jordan DeFrank at

 If your photo or idea is featured in the magazine, they will send you a cool t-shirt!

You can also subscribe to Family Fun Kids by visiting
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