Halloween Costume: Mission Flamingo

This year my eldest daughter saw a flamingo costume in the Chasing Fireflies Halloween catalog. In case you can't see in the picture, they want $78.00 plus $22.00 for the headpiece! Not to mention the accessories. Someone please tell me who spends almost $100 on their child's Halloween costume? They certainly are not trick or treating in my neighborhood! Aside from the cost, I wasn't too sure I wanted want my daughter looking like a Vegas Showgirl. Scroll down to see part 1 of my homemade costume.

So began, Mission Flamingo... Cue the music! Could this crafty mama make a flamingo costume just as good as the magazines, minus the Showgirl vibe? After much thought and several overly elaborate ideas I settled on the simplest solution.  Here is part one:

I bought a 79 cent mask and a bag of pink feathers from Michael's. I had the glue gun, sparkly adhesive foam and gems in my craft stash. I enlarged the eye holes to fit my daughter's proportions and then started gluing.

Lu squealed with delight! Definitely sparkly and fancy enough for her.

Back of mask.

Easy but a bit messy. I have to go clean up...

Are you making your kids Halloween costumes this year?

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***Sharon*** said...

Great. Now I want to be a Flamingo. :) Yes - even with all the craziness going on I will be making costumes this year!

Jamie said...

Love it! I have NO clue what my kids are gonna be!

Kim said...

I am going to be a flamingo and am struggling with making the costume! I am surrounded by pink boas and various pink clothing, but nothing is quite right. What are you doing for the rest of the costume? Love the mask... :)

Mama King said...

@Kim, we are going with the basic leotard and tutu combo. I made arm puffs for her out of some old baby sized tutus we had. The look is more flamingo ballerina. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Can u post pic of the body part would love to see we are thinking of being a flamingo for Halloween.


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