Korean Paper Hat Craft

Recently we went to a Korean Cultural Celebration at our local college. They had several craft stations set up...calligraphy, book marks, and this, paper hat making. This was the girls favorite activity. They had the hats folded and ready for the kids to decorate with dot paints and tissue flowers.

I dissected the hat to show you how simple it is to make one. Take one large piece of paper.

Fold top edge down about an inch.

Fold paper in half.

Fold bottom edge about 1/4 - 1/2 inch.

Tape along edge.

Tape strings for ties by the corners with the wide fold. The wide fold is the front of the hat.
Let children decorate with paints, markers and tissue flowers.

Have fun crafting with your kids!

Wet Felted Rocks

We are totally felt crazy here at the 4 Crazy Kings.

We have made felted soap, ornaments, beads, art pieces, fairy crowns, flower barrettes, and change purses. Quickly running out of things to felt we heard you could wet felt a rock. A rock? You might be asking yourself why? Well, with summer almost here we have been eating outside almost every night. We found a small felted rock makes the perfect napkin weight.  A larger rock makes an excellent doorstop.  We even made a few "hamster" rocks for the kids friends.  They have actually been a big hit. Who knows, maybe we could single handily bring back the pet rock!

They are pretty fun to make and Michael's craft store recently started selling wool roving. Although you will get a better selection of colors on line or if you are lucky enough to live near a store like New England Felting in Massachusetts.  Wool and sheep shows are also a great source.

The small rocks are easy for little kids to felt.  There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to wet felt.  With kids I would help them layout the felt and wrap around the rock. Several layers are necessary to get good coverage.  Place rock wrapped in felt into a knee high pantie hose. Tie off pantie hose and then have them start the felting process.

You can see the smaller rock needs to be felted better. Depending on the age and attention span of your child you may end up with some partially felted rocks.  No worries.  You can always have them go back and continue felting another time. Just add soap, warm water and continue rubbing.

Have fun crafting with your kids!

We're Back!

Summer isn't summer without a few cuts, scrapes and skinned knees.
I guess, we're ahead of the curve...

We found signing the girls bandaids help make the boo boos feel better!

Happy Memorial Day! We are back blogging for the summer.


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