Easy Halloween Silhouette Craft

Yes, it is August. I know. I can't help it when ideas pop into this crazy old brain of mine. Think of it this way, you have plenty of time to make these for you and your extended family! It is sooooo easy.

Take a profile photo of your little ghoul, goblin or witch wearing a distinct Halloweenie (hee-hee) prop. Print out on regular printer paper. I did mine 8x10.

Glue picture onto black construction paper with a glue stick. Do not use regular wet glue. It will wrinkle the paper. Use the glue stick sparingly. It really is meant to prevent the paper from moving while your cutting. It doesn't need to be cemented on.

Using your (good=sharp) scissors and cut out your picture.
Once you've cut out your picture, flip paper over to reveal the black construction paper silhouette.
Mount. I used a painting of Em's as the background.

So cute! I am trying to hunt down the cat for his silhouette. Maybe harder than I think!

Seriously this is soooo easy. No tracing involved. Just remember you end up with your picture reversed - so plan accordingly. I am also thinking this would be so cool covered in black fine glitter. Have fun! Let me know if you come up with some creative props.

Locks of Love

Happily shed 12 inches...of hair.
Too bad shedding 12 inches of hair doesn't equal shedding 12 pounds of...well, fat!

Sending it off to Locks of Love today. May be my last donation, chemically processed hair isn't accepted, and I have a sinking suspicion the grays are plotting against me.

Ukulele Love

My Lu wants to learn how to play the ukulele! While I research ukulele lessons and aquiring a ukulele, Lu has been keeping herself busy turning everything and anything she can loop rubber bands onto into a ukele. I decided to help her out a bit. :-)

I took a well worn round cardboard box (a piggy bank came in it) and cut it in half to create the base of the ukele. I took the top half and cut it open to create the distinct ukele shape. Bend to shape. Hot glue and clamp.

You can see where it is going. I placed the ruler to illustrate where the neck will go.
Stay tuned for part 2, paper mache!

Edit: Thanks to Sharon from Mama's A Mess for helping me spell UKULELE!!

Summer Treasures

Lu found this shell on the Cape. It already had a hole in it. She knew instantly that she wanted to save it to make a bracelet. We used the yarn that she had hand dyed earlier this summer.

What summer treasures have you and your kids collected?

Em likes to collect rocks. I don't know how many times I have heard the all too familiar sound of rocks going clunk, clunk, clunk in our washer. It usually happens just as I am sitting down to relax and the girls are in bed. Clunk, clunk, clunk... Oh no!!!


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