More Fairy Crowns



I bought a package of elastic headbands on clearance, $1.00 for 6 headbands. They are perfect for making fairy crowns. Continue reading to see how I made this.

Homemade Chalk Paint

Corn Starch + Water + Food Coloring = FUN!

Mix together until you achieve a milk-like consistancy. If gloppy add more water.
If you are worried about the food coloring dying the kids hands use rubber gloves.
The corn starch will dry to a chalk like consistancy.

Grab some old paintbrushes (we used 1" trim brushes) and let the kids loose. This is a messy activity! Mix paint outside to avoid messes. Make sure kids are wearing old clothes and shoes. Then hose them off outside when they are done! Caution: If you have a light driveway test in a small spot. Our driveway is dark and sealed so it washes away easily.

My two little monkeys sailing off to sea in a pirate ship!

Have fun crafting with your kids! XO Mama King

It's not the destination...

Today was our second attempt at letter boxing. Notice I said attempt! The girls are just not up to hiking long distances. Lucky for us, we met a nice woman on the path (about a half hour in) and asked her if she knew how far away the landmark we were looking for was. She informed us it was much farther. She suggested we go to the watering hole instead. Watering hole? We all perked up.

Lu said, "If Fairies really existed, this is where they would live."

Pretty much summed up how beautiful the watering hole was. We decided to name it Pixie Hollow.
Any chance my girls left dry? No way!
It was a magical morning hike. Wet bottoms and all!

Enjoy the journey! You never know what you will find on the way :-)

Hello! I wanted to share with my readers a new blog and group I started, Adult Adoptee Connecticut. I am very excited to offer a group and resources for adult adoptees living in CT. I came from a very active adult adoptee in NJ and was disappointed to find there was no group or resources in place in CT. I finally settled in to our new home and town and felt ready to embark on this venture. I  know the majority of my readers are here for the crafts, but for the handful came to 4 Crazy Kings because their lives have been touched by adoption and represent one facet of the adoption triad, please pass the word on. Right now I am the sole member! So, if you know of any international adult adoptees in CT looking to meet other adult adoptees let them know about AACT. You also do not have to be a CT Adult Adoptee to become a follower of the AACT blog. I will be posting the majority of my adoption related material on the AACT blog. Be sure to LIKE the Adult Adoptee Connecticut page on Facebook!

I have some other exciting adoption related news...

Gulp! My artwork made the cover and a short essay are included in the new publication, More Voices: A Collection of Works from Asian Adoptees, Edited by Susan Soonkeum Cox. More Voices is followup to Voices From Another Place: A Collection of Works from A Generation Born in Korea and Adopted to Other Countries.

Really, I am trying to get organized...

I found these sad, half used tubes of paint and glitter, from a craft kit long since crafted, while I was attempting to organize one of my many craft cabinets.  I was going to toss them but my daughter caught me before I could dispose of the goods and asked if she could squeeze them out onto a piece of paper. Why not?

This gave me an idea. I suggested she fold the paper in half and smoosh.

"Cool!" gushed Lulu.

We let it dry. Now what to do with it? The girls never get tired of turning anything into a butterfly.
So I traced Lu's hand onto the paper...

Lu added some more sequins and glitter for good measure.
She is planning on gluing it to another piece of paper to make a card for her friend's birthday.
As for cleaning out the could take all summer at this rate :-)

Summer, Summer, Summer!

We kicked off summer with some berry picking!

Haven't been feeling too crafty lately. Hoping for some summer inspiration. 
What kind of projects do you have planned?


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