Hello! I wanted to share with my readers a new blog and group I started, Adult Adoptee Connecticut. I am very excited to offer a group and resources for adult adoptees living in CT. I came from a very active adult adoptee in NJ and was disappointed to find there was no group or resources in place in CT. I finally settled in to our new home and town and felt ready to embark on this venture. I  know the majority of my readers are here for the crafts, but for the handful came to 4 Crazy Kings because their lives have been touched by adoption and represent one facet of the adoption triad, please pass the word on. Right now I am the sole member! So, if you know of any international adult adoptees in CT looking to meet other adult adoptees let them know about AACT. You also do not have to be a CT Adult Adoptee to become a follower of the AACT blog. I will be posting the majority of my adoption related material on the AACT blog. Be sure to LIKE the Adult Adoptee Connecticut page on Facebook!

I have some other exciting adoption related news...

Gulp! My artwork made the cover and a short essay are included in the new publication, More Voices: A Collection of Works from Asian Adoptees, Edited by Susan Soonkeum Cox. More Voices is followup to Voices From Another Place: A Collection of Works from A Generation Born in Korea and Adopted to Other Countries.

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MaryAnne said...

What a neat group to start! Your artwork is beautiful, and that book sounds well worth reading!

We have friends where the husband was adopted from Korea, and now they adopted their son from Korea - so two generations of born in Korea and adopted to other countries =)


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