Kids Sticker Art Craft by Lu

Lu got this sticker book for her birthday. She loves it! We have stacks of sticker creations to prove it. Yesterday she found some take out sushi lids I had been saving. She asked if she could have one.

Ten minutes later she came back with this. Adorable!
Best part is she is so proud of her craftiness. It is hanging next to her bed. 
Lu may need to guest post more often ;-)

Halloween: More Open-Ended Art

Tissue Paper, Tin Foil, Glitter, Google Eyes & Glue (Paintbrush)

This is a great activity for young children. 
Emme, who is 3 years old, really had fun creating what she called a "spooky spider."

To The Moon...

Lu's homework assignment this week was to design and build a 3D vehicle. Lu chose to make a rocket.

I wanted this piece to be all Lu so I had her draw what she wanted her rocket to look like. She wanted a triangle shaped body, stars, a window and flames shooting out the bottom. Which was good I had her draw it because I was thinking of a completely different shape. I constructed the body of the rocket and she was in charge of adding the thrusters, flames and decorations.

Blast off!!! 

It is difficult to tell by the photo but it is like a triangular box. I tied a bell inside the box to keep the handle in place. So it makes a cool jingle when you shake it.

Open Ended Halloween Art

Give the kids some chalk, black paper, glitter glue and google eyes. 

See what kind of spooky artwork they create...

Simple Styrofoam Spiders

Styrofoam Spider

So cute & so simple!

Spear Styrofoam ball with bamboos skewer or cocktail fork to create a handle. 
Cover small Styrofoam  ball with black tissue paper and Mod Podge.
Sprinkle with glitter.
Glue on google eyes.
Let dry. 
Punch holes using bamboo skewer or nail.
Fold pipe cleaner in half and then half again.
Cut pipe cleaner into sections at folds.
Insert pipe cleaner legs into ball.

To make a garland of spiders. 
Insert bamboo skewer or nail all the way through the ball.
Thread balls onto black ribbon.
You can either create your spiders before decorating or after.

Halloween Kids Crafts: Recycled Drink Lid Spiders

Hello! We are still here and still crafting.

We made these spiders out of Coolatta lids I saved from this summer's guilty pleasure. 

Glue tissue paper to lid. 
Add google eyes and glitter. 
Let dry.  
Punch holes for legs.
Cut two pipe cleaners in half. 
Thread one pipe cleaner through 2 holes to create 2 legs.

Have fun crafting with your kids!


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