Adoption Carnival III: Photos of Adoption

Adoption Carnival III: Photos of Adoption
What is your most treasured adoption photo?
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There are so many favorite pictures of Em, from the very first ones that we saw of her to the photo of me holding her for the first time. But I think the one that sums up all the emotions, love, anticipation, anxiety, and hope I felt at that time is this picture of Em asleep in the bassinet that was attached to the bulk head of the airplane. As many of you know that the flight from Korea to NY is thirteen plus hours. Em was awake for three of those hours and crying on and off for the first hour. Luckily for us sleep is something Em loves. She is like clock work, 12 - 13 hours at night, three hours during the day! She slept about 10 hours on the flight home. I of course could not and did not sleep a wink that flight. I just kept peeking at Em's angelic face. I could not take my eyes off of her. My mind was racing with questions and imagined scenarios... As hard as I tried I could not sleep. We arrived home around one in the morning and guess who was well rested and ready to party like it was 1999?

My other favorite picture of Em is of her first bath.
Mind you it was at 4 am in the morning, her first night home, after a HUGE blowout!
You mamas know what I mean!
I think her way of letting us know she was happy to be home. Don't you?
Welcome home!


Michelle@Gotchababy said... SWEET!!!

Journeymark Cards & Gifts said...

I absolutely love how you describe all the emotions you were feeling. Thanks for being real!!!

Katie said...

Aw I wish I'd known about this beforehand I'd have tried to get a hold of a picture of my parents right after I arrived from Korea. The look so happy and I look totally weired out.

It's so lovely to hear from the adoptive parents point of view at the beginning of the new journey.

Cindy said...

This is the first post I read this morning and I have to say what a great way to start my day. Thank you for the warm, happy feelings.

Have an awesome one!

maryanne said...

Two wonderful pictures of a beautiful baby!

abbie said...

gotta love the blowouts...I can't imagine yours must have been excited, like-oh-no, and super-jet-lag. :) I love the bath-hair-do!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwww sooo cute!

Jenny said...

What an awesome post and great pics!

HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS said...

Such a sweet love story. The photos are adorable!!

Anonymous said...
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