Philadelphia Zoo

Saturday we went to the Philadelphia Zoo with friends, the W family. They have two boys our daughters ages. All the kids got along famously and had a blast.

We were so impressed with the zoo and can't wait to go back for another visit. We didn't even see half of the exhibits! Of the exhibits we saw Lu's favorite was the Giraffe, Em's was the Zebra, Papa King's was the Gorilla, and mine was the Tigers.

The Philadelphia Zoo is America's first Zoo. The zoo's exhibit are frequently updated and added to. There are a lot of indoor exhibits so you could visit year round. The Zoo is manageable and not overwhelming. There are a lot of places for you to sit and have your lunch. We chose to pack our lunch and picnic but if you wanted to there are spots to buy food.

I really appreciated the fact there were so many wonderful statues and fountains accessible to the kids to climb on and touch. Which my little monkeys did! Throughout the zoo there were small almost hidden life size sculptures that my girls just loved trying to find. A small sleeping fawn sculpture or a snake curled up on the side of the path.

The Zoo offers a lot of neat extra activities that are a minimal additional expense but can add up. Fortunately our friends were Zoo Members and the parks amusements were included in their membership price. Otherwise our solution would have been to let the children choose one or two activities they would like to do - esp. since we are planning on visiting the Zoo again.

Check out the Tree House Exhibit. The star of the exhibit is this giant Tree House you can go in and explore. Equally as fun were the giant size honeycombs, eggs, flowers, caterpillars... you could climb on. The kids could have spent all afternoon in there!

If you find yourself in the Philadelphia area consider visiting the Philadelphia Zoo. It is one of the best Zoos we have ever visited. The Zoo and the Please Touch Museum would make for a great mini vacation with the kids! Read our review here.


Beth- the mama bee said...

That tree house looks so fun. I bet we would have spent the whole day there!

Ticia said...

I want a tree house like that to explore.

Katie said...

We LOVED visiting the Philadelphia Zoo! But I don't remember seeing the treehouse exhibit. We really missed out!


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