Happy Valentine's Day & Happy New Year


The girls got a pair of heart glasses and a butterfly cupcake. The cupcakes are packaged to go because we are going to Grandma and Papa King's to pay our respects for the Korean Lunar New Year, Sol Nal. The girls have been practicing their bowing!


Have a wonderful day! 


Hope it is filled with lot's of hugs and little kisses :-)

 To make the cupcakes, cut off the top of a cupcake. Frost the cut side. Cut top in half to make wings. Place on frosted cake. Pipe center. Decorate! I let the girls decorate theirs.


Wic said...

how cute.
love it.

Abbie said...

what a great V-day present! Love the glasses. And happy new year to you...we ate duk kuk last yesterday!

*Mom's Best Bets said...

Aloha, Love your crafty blog:)
Can't wait to get some art ideas for my daughter.
Mom's Best Bets!

Nicole said...

새해 복 많이 받으세요! I'm doing the lantern craft with my kids today, I'll be sure to post pictures to my blog asap.


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