Popsicle Stick Ballerina Ornament

Way back in 2009 we (mainly me, Lu was 3.5 yrs old) made an adorable Ballet Ornament 2009 for her teacher. Lu forgot about making the ballerina and subsequent swimmer. I thought it was time to try it again! This year's version both girls joined in on the fun. Lu was finally old enough to do most of the construction on her own. She is also the mastermind behind the use of glitter! I still had to help with the cutting of Popsicle sticks and tying on of ribbons. 


Ballerina 2009                                              Swimmer 2009

Continue reading for instructions.

One large size craft stick, 4 regular size craft sticks, glue, scissors, chenille stems or yarn for hair, markers, optional: glitter, google eyes and ribbons.

Trim the large craft stick on one end to an arrow point. Then snip off the very end of the arrow to create bottom of leotard. Have child color in the leotard. We ended up going over the color with glue and glitter after it was all assembled.

Color ends of 2 regular Popsicle sticks for the slippers. You can further embellish with ribbon and glitter if you like.

Trim the remaining 2 Popsicle sticks to appropriate arm length.

Start gluing! I use clothes pins to hold things in place.

To make the hair, I punched a hole in the end of the large craft stick. You have to do this carefully because the stick will split. I have a very small hole punch that I used. The best bet would be to drill a hole. I then tied the ribbon to hang the ornament through the hole.  I then anchored the end of the chenille stem in the hole. Wrap the chenille stem around the head covering up the popsicle stick.Leave about and inch hanging out to attach the pony tail. Take a second stem and fold in half  2 times. It should look like a V. Hook the center of the V onto the head with the remaing inch of stem. Wrap the remaining inch around head and tuck in securely. Shape pony tail into a cute swooping curl. 

After she was glued together, Lu decided she wanted to glam her up.


Here's Em's! Just love the smile she drew. Plus she insisted on purple hair. I love it!

So go have a popsicle with the kiddos! Don't forget to save the sticks ;)


Unknown said...

Oh, now that is unbelievably cute! I hope I can remember to do that project when my unborn baby girl is big enough! Hmmm, that's quite a wait, maybe I'll just do it with my boys now...! I'll say it's a gift for their female cousins...

Rachel said...

That is so crazy cute! I love her hair! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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