The 4 Kings are now complete

March 26th, 2008

Emme landed safely at JFK airport. After a rocky (read: crying on an off for almost an hour) start to the flight Emme settled in for the 1
3 hour flight home. Exhausted she fell asleep in the bassinet (see photo) and had to be woken for landing. Her sweet, happy and easy going nature shone as we made our way through customs and baggage. She fell asleep again on the car ride home. So needless to say wasn't at all tired when we got home. She slept about a total of 5 hours that first night home (asleep for 3, awake for two, asleep for two).

Approximately at 5 am Emme had an explosion beyond all explosions and found herself in the bathtub for her first bath stateside. She seemed happy as a clam!

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