Monday, March 24th


We grabbed a few hours sleep, a shower and breakfast before we ventured out into Seoul. At almost 10 am Seoul seemed like it was still sleeping. The streets were empty and many of the shops were closed. We wandered around the pedestrian walkway near our hotel. It was lined with clothing shops and restaurants. Many of the signs were in Hangul and English.

Just as we were heading towards the subway to goto the Adoption Agency the street vendors and shops started to get going. When we would return later that afternoon it was packed with people and vendors.

As an aside: If you ever find yourself in Seoul this is a great area to be in.

This picture answers the burning question...Why are you so tall? It seems everyone is under the same impression as I was that Koreans are not tall. During our visit I saw lots of men & woman taller than 5 ' 8". At 5' 10" I was taller than most of the woman but not by much.

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